Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get Your Reusing Kicks by Boxing...

We took delivery of some really cute new dresses from Prairie Underground the other day (more on those dresses later!) and were pleased to find a notice about the box they were sent in (a tres glamourous dairy box).

It said:
"Do you recognize this box? Beginning with out 3/30 shipments we have begun to use quality, clean, second use boxes for the majority of our orders. This meams a less expensive handling charge for you and a greener world for everyone."

Now, we already knew how 'Fashionably Responsible' Prairie Underground was, (because we adore them!) and at Fashion Ethic we make it standard practice to re-use shipping materials and use cradle-to-cradle certified USPS shipping materials. But when we saw another blog post about reusing cardboard boxes, we felt compelled to share the info with all of you, our dear friends.

Boxes are notoriously hard to procure when moving, cleaning out the garage, or shipping packages. (There are only so many household items that fit into a box that held 6 bottles of Absolut from the liquor store, correct?) But instead of buying new boxes, it is now becoming easier to locate the right size used box; which is great because it prevents new boxes from being made (saving the trees and energy used in production) while cutting down on waste of the old boxes.

Cheryl Janis over at found a great site,, which makes used cardboard boxes available to all at low prices, and gives money to help plant new trees in the process.

Another option when you are in need of multiple boxes would be to search Craigslist or Freecycle website listings in your area. And of course, when you finish moving it's fabulous to be able to post on these sites and have someone else come pick up those boxes to keep the cycle moving. (That is, if you are so lucky as to unpack all those boxes once you move :) ).

More on Prairie Underground dresses in a few days!

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