Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last Day for SUMMER on SALE

We're having so much fun that we decided to keep the sale going just one more day!
Look for some special one-day-only markdowns on beauty and pre-Fall clothing TODAY ONLY.
And don't forget about our standard FREE SHIPPING and EXCHANGES in the US and reduced international rates...there's never been a better time to be Fashionably Responsible!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fashion Ethic Introduces kō denmark

We are happy to be celebrating the re-launch of the ecoBeauty section at Fashion Ethic with the new arrival of kō denmark.

Using only organic and natural ingredients, founder Henriette Holst has created two simple and stellar products using a signature jasmine + neroli scent. Refusing to use artificial fragrances or additives that may be harmful to your skin, kō denmark products are also free from:

*mineral oils
*artifical colors
*animal ingredients

kō denmark combines scandinavian simplicity and european tradition with premium ingredients to satisfy your desire for a product that feels, looks and smells as good as the non-eco options out there. Truly Fashionably Responsible!

Shop the Collection HERE.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Chance for SUMMER on SALE

We're making room for Fall deliveries...
TOMORROW marks the end of Fashion Ethic's SUMMER on SALE event - with FREE SHIPPING and prices marked down up to 70%. You do not want to miss this one.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Dresses on Sale at Fashion Ethic

Hurry! SUMMER on SALE event lasts only until July 30. Get your eco fashion at prices up to 70% off!

Pictured: Peligrosa Lace Cup Dress in Organic Cotton, Hand-dyed with natural dyes $50 (was $160) Shop HERE.

naturevsfuture Turquoise Linen Dress $180 (was $268) Shop HERE.

naturevsfuture Black Hooded Dress, Recycled fabric. $185 (was $268) Shop HERE.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Get the Most Bang for your Fashion Mag Buck: Bazaar Runway Report

The new special issue from Harper's BAZAAR is out and it is glorious.

Modeled after its rare and pricey predecessors Paris VOGUE Collections and UK ELLE COLLECTIONS, the BAZAAR "Runway Report" offers tidbits from the Fall Fashion Weeks around the world as well as a visual recap of each notable runway show and quick hits on all the trends in apparel and beauty.

If you're conflicted over getting the best fashion coverage in a mag while trying to limit your glossy paper consumption, this is your answer. One mag: all the dish, all the inspiring photos and no celebrity interviews or book reviews to distract.

Our one wish would be that BAZAAR had published sans advertisements, as ELLE and VOGUE COllections does, but since the price tag is a measly $6.95, compared to UK ELLE Collections' $12.50 and Paris VOGUE Collections $30+, I suppose it is worth the sacrifice. Overall, this is succint coverage and is the perfect recap of the season.

We found it on the newsstand at Sea-Tac airport YESTERDAY (the 24th), quite to our pleasant surprise since it was slated to be released on the 29th. So look for Runway Report now and save yourself the cash and virgin-paper guilt you would have spent on all the other Fall mags!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fashion Ethic Announces FREE U.S. Shipping during Summer On Sale!

ALL US orders are now shipping FREE of charge, in addition to reduced shipping rates to Canada and the rest of the world.

With prices reduced up to 70% during our Summer on Sale event, there has never been a better time to shop Fashion Ethic for brands like EDUN, naturevsfuture, Lizzie Parker, Peligrosa Knits, Prairie Underground, SPUN Organic Clothing, and more Fashionably Responsible designers!

Shop the Sale NOW.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PS - Don't Forget Project Runway Tonight!

With Natalie Portman as guest judge, you can be sure there will be an eco-fashion spin on this, the second episode of Season 5.

Stay tuned!!

(Photo courtesy Te Casan, where Natalie has designed a vegan shoe collection)

NY Sweatshop Raided Today

Here at Fashion Ethic we pride ourselves in sourcing apparel from designers and lines who are committed to fair labor practices and 100% sweatshop-free. The vast majority of those designers use US-based manufacturers that they visit to ensure workers are being treated fairly, and some designers even keep production in house, creating small quantities to ensure quality and fair treatment.

So it saddens us to report today that Women's Wear Daily is tracking a story of alleged sweatshop violations at a factory based here in America. This is a larger New York factory with no relation to any of the apparel lines we carry, but does apparently manufacture products for some very well known clothing chains that we (and most Americans) do respect.

Alleged violations include underpaying workers in minimum and overtime wages. While workers worked 12 hour days 6-7 days a week, they were told to fill out two time cards a week so that none would show more than 40 hours. Additionally, it appears they coached workers on how to avoid suspicion from labor investigators.

Taking advantage of workers should not be accepted anywhere in this day and age, least of all here in America, where we pride ourselves on equality and our abilties to work hard to better ourselves.

Fashion Ethic was founded on the principle of providing clothing that you can feel good about, in hopes that a higher standard of responsibility will not only dominate the fashion industry but leave absolutely no room for these types of abuses. We call on all retailers, designers, and clothing lines to keep careful watch over clothing manufacturing - and for shoppers and consumers to ask the hard questions. If we all make Fashionably Responsible choices, we really will make a difference.

FOLLOW the story at HERE

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Arrivals! Prairie Underground and Emily Katz

Just in at Fashion Ethic: More beautiful summer dresses to celebrate the sun!

The "Ode" Dress by Emily Katz (left) is a sweet summer silhouette in a charming coral-pink shade of organic cotton/hemp. On sale during Fashion Ethic Summer on Sale for just $140.

Prairie Underground's "Pretty Baby" Dress is 100% Organic Cotton with lace trim and ruffle detail and can also be worn as a top over leggings or jeans. The detail is exquisite, with the use of paneling and layering of different cottons - available in periwinkle or bone/white. Also on sale for $140during our event, which ends July 30.

SHOP for Emily Katz ODE Dress HERE

SHOP for Prairie Underground PRETTY BABY Dress HERE

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fake Karl's Guide to Life

So it may not have much to do with ethical fashion, but here at Fashion Ethic, we take the FASHION part just as seriously as the ETHIC. And any fashionista worth her LBD knows that Karl rules the roost.

We recently wrote about Karl Lagerfeld (head designer of Chanel, among his many other endeavors) and his role in promoting bicycle safety in France. Now we have stumbled upon a devious little blog called "Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life" at and we are loving just about every second of it - especially days like today when Karl's friend 'Anna Wintour' blogged about Jersey.

We'll let you discover this gem for yourself, but trust us - if you've got one eye on the catwalk and another eye on reality and practicality, this little satirical fashion site will be one you'll want in your can even get the T-shirt (right).

FakeKarl makes real fashion news seem tres demode.(Major props to for bringing this blog to our attention)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashionably Responsible Tidbits from AUG 08 VOGUE

The glorious summer weather has finally arrived for the long haul (okay - a month and a half) here in Seattle. So it was time for my favorite summertime activity: 30 minutes in the sun with the brand new August issue of VOGUE magazine. This is the precursor, the training exercise, shall we say, for next month's behemoth September issue.

I am happy to report that this month's VOGUE has several items of note in the world of ethical fashion.

Enjoy Joan Juliet Buck's profile of Mia Farrow, a style icon who has accomplished much in the battle to make the crises in Darfur, Chad, and Central African Republic more newsworthy and high profile. Acknowledging horrors in the world and trying to stop them is an important part of keeping beauty alive.

And be inspired by Sloan Barnett (nee Lindemann), who has taken steps toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle even while staying on trend in her social strata and working on her upcoming guide "Green Goes with Everything," which will be published by Atria in September. We do have to slightly disagree with her assessment of organic fashion, as we here at Fashion Ethic feel there is quite an abundance of "poised" and "chic" organic and responsible fashion available...and more designers coming to it every day!

Other tidbits include VOGUE Editor Tonne Goodman's choice of a sustainable shopping bag and favoring "tees with eco-conscious slogans" and a cover story on the lovely Kate Moss, who between reproducing true vintage fashion for the masses and wishing for a private jet, probably isn't considered too eco-friendly by most "greenies". But as a style icon and mother, we think she's pretty special anyway. Everyone has their own shade of green!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get Your Reusing Kicks by Boxing...

We took delivery of some really cute new dresses from Prairie Underground the other day (more on those dresses later!) and were pleased to find a notice about the box they were sent in (a tres glamourous dairy box).

It said:
"Do you recognize this box? Beginning with out 3/30 shipments we have begun to use quality, clean, second use boxes for the majority of our orders. This meams a less expensive handling charge for you and a greener world for everyone."

Now, we already knew how 'Fashionably Responsible' Prairie Underground was, (because we adore them!) and at Fashion Ethic we make it standard practice to re-use shipping materials and use cradle-to-cradle certified USPS shipping materials. But when we saw another blog post about reusing cardboard boxes, we felt compelled to share the info with all of you, our dear friends.

Boxes are notoriously hard to procure when moving, cleaning out the garage, or shipping packages. (There are only so many household items that fit into a box that held 6 bottles of Absolut from the liquor store, correct?) But instead of buying new boxes, it is now becoming easier to locate the right size used box; which is great because it prevents new boxes from being made (saving the trees and energy used in production) while cutting down on waste of the old boxes.

Cheryl Janis over at found a great site,, which makes used cardboard boxes available to all at low prices, and gives money to help plant new trees in the process.

Another option when you are in need of multiple boxes would be to search Craigslist or Freecycle website listings in your area. And of course, when you finish moving it's fabulous to be able to post on these sites and have someone else come pick up those boxes to keep the cycle moving. (That is, if you are so lucky as to unpack all those boxes once you move :) ).

More on Prairie Underground dresses in a few days!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The First To Know - SUMMER on SALE

SUMMER on SALE begins Monday at Fashion Ethic. Enjoy markdowns of up to 70% on your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) "Fashionably Responsible" designers like EDUN, Lizzie Parker, SPUN, naturevsfuture, and many more. Basic tops and tees start at just $25... But hurry! Sizes and colors are limited and the event ends July 27th. See you there!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July VOGUE Italia...the wait is (almost) over

For those of you in the States awaiting the July issue of VOGUE Italia, it seems the wait is nearly over. has just begun scanning pages, which would lead us to believe it has hit newsstands in NYC. Fashion Ethic, however, is on the West Coast, and just returned from the local Barnes and Noble empty-handed. (Linda Evangelista continues to taunt from the June issue and there is "no date" for delivery said Customer Service)

If you're not quite sure what the hype is about, this July issue has been hotly anticipated ever since word broke that the entire issue would be shot by photographer Steven Meisel, using only black models as a commentary on the current dearth of diversity in high fashion editorials and catwalk.

Our own American VOGUE touched on the topic this month, with an article entitled "Is Fashion Racist," accompanied by the most beautiful shots of soon-to-be-supers Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, and Arlenis Sosa (pictured here). The good news is that the industry is talking and the future looks bright for "a more diverse cast," says VOGUE.

Here's hoping that designers, retailers, and show casting directors will take note of the hot demand for the July issue of VOGUE Italia (some reports say newsstands have already sold out with pre-orders in NYC), which indicates that the public is more than ready to see greater diversity in fashion. It's the Fashionably Responsible thing to do, after all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sign the IRC Iraq Humanitarian Pledge, Raise $1

As much as we may be hearing about our weak dollar, high gas prices and foreclosures, the honest truth is that we have it pretty good here in the USA. One of the places where people are experiencing real trouble happens to be Iraq, and often it's because of what our country has been doing there.

Because of the war, the IRC estimates that 60,000 Iraqis are fleeing from the violence each month, mostly to neighboring Jordan and Syria. Countless Iraqis have helped our troops and now simply cannot be safe where they once lived. Refugees displaced in other countries often fear deportation and must find food and shelter without being "found out".

The IRC (International Rescue Committee) is there to provide relief to Iraqi refugees. Right now, for each person who signs the IRC Iraq Humanitarian Pledge, one of their supporters will donate $1 to provide additional lifesaving services to vulnerable Iraqi families - that means additional food, mattresses, clothing, and medical and housing assistance.

The pledge simply states that the people of Iraq and the US are interconnected and that more needs to be done by our government to help displaced Iraqis. Will you join with Fashion Ethic and sign your name? It might be simple. But together, we can have a lasting impact on someone's life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kaiser Karl Dons Bike Safety Vest

Somehow we missed this until recently, but as France's new law making safety vests and reflective triangles mandatory for all cyclists as of this month, Chanel's own Karl Lagerfeld donned one of the vests for a pulic awareness campaign.

From Bloomberg News:
``It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life,'' says the poster, featuring Lagerfeld wearing the vest and his customary deadpan expression accentuated by dark sunglasses.

The number of traffic deaths in France jumped 10 percent to 346 in May, the highest since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Environment said on its Web site. Two cyclists have died in Paris since the introduction of free municipal bicycles last year.

Bravo for another case where fashion (in this case high fashion) intersects with a trend in eco living. Though don't you find it strange that biking/cycling is seen as eco/green in the States - a somewhat complicated alternative to driving our cars - while most of the world sees it as more of a sport or simply a "normal" mode of transport? Wouldn't it be fabulous if more people did it because it just made sense in their life and was easy? Hmmmm...maybe a Chanel bike vest would help...but really, biking on short trips is something we should all try more often.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

For a Stiletto Sized Carbon Footprint...

Visit the newly launched Eco Stiletto, the new home of eco-chic pioneer's content and the place for information and advice for Fashionably Reponsible women like us. We love blogs that present useful green alternatives in a stylish (dare we say glamourous?) setting.