Thursday, April 8, 2010

C&C California Brings on the Hemp

First they created a fabulous line of organic cotton tees. Now C&C California brings us a line of eco-friendly hemp tees and dresses.

Do we love the fact that the colors come in shades named "Peyote" "Roadie" and "Trip"? ...Well, no, not so much. It's a little hippie-dippie, frankly. But the styles do include timeless basics like the racerback tank, classic cardigan, and the shortsleeve tee dress, all in a hemp/cotton blend and made in the USA. And since there's no denying that every small step in making sustainable fabrics more mainstream and affordable has a huge impact, kudos to C&C for promoting hemp blends.

SHOP the C&C California Hemp Collection ONLINE

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Toms Encourages No Shoes Day April 8th

April 8th has been declared One Day Without Shoes by TOMS, the company that for every pair of shoes purchased, delivers another pair to kids in need.

Check out the website for ideas on no-shoes events near you or pledge your support and be entered in a drawing to win a spot on a TOMS shoe drop. Now that would be a pretty cool experience.

Here's a bit of a video for you to check out - straight from the site...

VISIT the "One Day Without Shoes" website HERE