Friday, July 25, 2008

Get the Most Bang for your Fashion Mag Buck: Bazaar Runway Report

The new special issue from Harper's BAZAAR is out and it is glorious.

Modeled after its rare and pricey predecessors Paris VOGUE Collections and UK ELLE COLLECTIONS, the BAZAAR "Runway Report" offers tidbits from the Fall Fashion Weeks around the world as well as a visual recap of each notable runway show and quick hits on all the trends in apparel and beauty.

If you're conflicted over getting the best fashion coverage in a mag while trying to limit your glossy paper consumption, this is your answer. One mag: all the dish, all the inspiring photos and no celebrity interviews or book reviews to distract.

Our one wish would be that BAZAAR had published sans advertisements, as ELLE and VOGUE COllections does, but since the price tag is a measly $6.95, compared to UK ELLE Collections' $12.50 and Paris VOGUE Collections $30+, I suppose it is worth the sacrifice. Overall, this is succint coverage and is the perfect recap of the season.

We found it on the newsstand at Sea-Tac airport YESTERDAY (the 24th), quite to our pleasant surprise since it was slated to be released on the 29th. So look for Runway Report now and save yourself the cash and virgin-paper guilt you would have spent on all the other Fall mags!

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