Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashionably Responsible Tidbits from AUG 08 VOGUE

The glorious summer weather has finally arrived for the long haul (okay - a month and a half) here in Seattle. So it was time for my favorite summertime activity: 30 minutes in the sun with the brand new August issue of VOGUE magazine. This is the precursor, the training exercise, shall we say, for next month's behemoth September issue.

I am happy to report that this month's VOGUE has several items of note in the world of ethical fashion.

Enjoy Joan Juliet Buck's profile of Mia Farrow, a style icon who has accomplished much in the battle to make the crises in Darfur, Chad, and Central African Republic more newsworthy and high profile. Acknowledging horrors in the world and trying to stop them is an important part of keeping beauty alive.

And be inspired by Sloan Barnett (nee Lindemann), who has taken steps toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle even while staying on trend in her social strata and working on her upcoming guide "Green Goes with Everything," which will be published by Atria in September. We do have to slightly disagree with her assessment of organic fashion, as we here at Fashion Ethic feel there is quite an abundance of "poised" and "chic" organic and responsible fashion available...and more designers coming to it every day!

Other tidbits include VOGUE Editor Tonne Goodman's choice of a sustainable shopping bag and favoring "tees with eco-conscious slogans" and a cover story on the lovely Kate Moss, who between reproducing true vintage fashion for the masses and wishing for a private jet, probably isn't considered too eco-friendly by most "greenies". But as a style icon and mother, we think she's pretty special anyway. Everyone has their own shade of green!

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