Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get to Know EDUN co-founder Ali Hewson

EDUN is one of our favorite lines here at Fashion Ethic. From the gorgeous cuts to the unique details and high quality construction, the line is perfection. And when you know that the company has been founded on the idea of Respect - for customers, for the people making the clothing, and for the community - then you know you have found something really special.

The Ottowa Citizen recently ran a profile of Ali Hewson, who co-founded EDUN with CFDA-winner Rogan Gregory and her husband, U2's Bono. And we wanted to share it with you. What Ali has put together with EDUN and her preceding charitable work is an example for anyone who wants to do something that makes a difference...and a definite inspiration to us here. (OK, and there are some great comments about her first impressions of Bono.) Read the entire article HERE and shop EDUN at Fashion Ethic HERE.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Can I Get a Volunteer...

It's National Volunteer Week and we know you're probably all involved in some sort of volunteer work. So tell us about it! Whether it's teaching seniors the latest dance moves or dishing up at the local mission, we want to hear about what you do and how it makes YOU feel (because we KNOW you're making others feel great).

And if you aren't currently volunteering, let us help you! Here is some info on some of our favorite volunteer-based organizations and resources.

FIND a new Volunteer postion at VolunteerMatch.com.

MENTOR a child with Big Brothers Big Sisters - school based programs are available for a smaller commitment. Find your local office HERE.

ASSIST a refugee arriving to America for the first time through a local IRC office and discover a new meaning to what it is to be American. Find an office HERE.

READ with kids at your local public school.

BUILD a new home for someone who needs it - in your own neighborhood or around the world. Learn more at Habitat for Humanity HERE.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easy Green Tip #1 - Rinse Less & Air Dry

Here is the first in a series of Easy Green Living Tips this week. We hope you'll see how easy it is to make a few changes - often you'll be saving money and cutting down chemical exposure in addition to helping our planet! And if you are already doing these things, please accept our thanks for being Fashionably Responsible!

There's no point to buying fantastic chemical-free, organic, and naturally-dyed clothing if you're going to douse it in chemical laundry products, now is there? Laundry is one of the places in your home where you can get back to basics and avoid a whole lot of nasty chemicals, help the environment, and actually save some money.

Look for fabric washes that are petrochemical-free and concentrated so you can use less (this helps the companies make less and making less saves resources!) At Fashion Ethic, we like Eucalan, a new product from Canada, because not only is it chem-free, but also doesn't require rinsing, so you can save water (and money) in your handwashing and machine cycles. Available in 3 scents and unscented, Eucalan comes in two different sizes and costs about .12 cents a wash.

One of the best things you can do for your clothes is to treat them right, and air drying fabrics is always a good choice. Set up a great drying rack or line near your dryer or over the tub and for goodness sake, quit with the dryer sheets - did you know many contain animal fat in addition to nasty chemicals that stay on your clothes or sheets? Gross!

And while we're on the subject, let us warn you about the dryer balls you see marketed as an eco-friendly "non-toxic" option - an article from TreeHugger suggests they are not so 'eco' after all. They are made of PVC, which is a nasty chemical-laden plastic and the pair we had lasted only about 8 months before cracking and falling apart - guess what? They can't be recycled. Do I really want to throw 2 of these away every 8 months? NO!

Honestly, we know you need the dryer for some loads, so we recommend the Static Eliminator reusable "sheets" that can be found at Gaiam.com. The weave of the fabric does the work - no chemicals are involved, which also makes them a savior for those with sensitive skin or allergies. And since they're meant to last 500 loads, they should last you quite some time if you start using more air drying too!

Party Like It's Your Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Do something nice for the earth and then do something nice for yourself...Celebrate the day and the official launch of Fashion Ethic with 20% off your next order AND receive one free black BAGGU bag with any order on Earth Day, Tuesday April 22nd. Use code LAUNCH20 at checkout to receive 20% off until April 30.

Not sure what to do for the earth today? It doesn't have to be hard! Don't underestimate the power of:

Turning off the Lights...Or the computer...or the XBox...or the toaster. Small appliances suck power even when they are "off", so do the power grid and your wallet a favor by keeping them on powerstrips which can be turned off or unplugging when not in use.

Taking a Hike...Of course walking instead of driving is better, but we're talking about getting back to nature. Meander up a mountain path or down a park lane, either way you'll feel more in tune with the planet and probably a whole lot less stressed. Enjoying your environment is beneficial to you and to your attitude about protecting it!

Telling a Story...Wish someone you know or someone you see a Happy Earth Day. Tell them one thing you've started doing or want to do to be more eco-conscious. Chances are, you'll learn a thing or two from them as well.

Taking a Break on Housework...Don't run the washer, dryer, or dishwasher unless you have a full load. And quit with the stinky cleaning supplies. There's a reason they smell so bad and it's not because they need to. Try natural cleaning solutions instead - they're cheaper and better for you and the fam'.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Week Without TV?

International Turn Off the TV Week starts Monday the 21st. Unfortunately, so does the new season of Gossip Girl. So unless you've got the TIVO prepped and ready to go, can we all agree that we'll start this "holiweek" off Tuesday?

If Madonna can do it every day, then certainly we can go six days without, right? Just think of all the power we'll save and the stuff we'll get done!

Here, some S-and-B-worthy fashion from Fashion Ethic, to get you through the week. Order today, and you'll have it before your TV goes back on! Shown: Organic Ruffle Boatneck from Peligrosa and bamboo/organic cotton blend Tunic from Sustainable Collective.
Update 5/10 - Tunic is now SOLD OUT.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rocking the "Runway" at Sole Repair Shop

Thanks to all the lovely Seattle girls who came out tonight on Capital Hill as Girl Power Hour went green/eco/sustainable...Here at Fashion Ethic, we say Darnell and Samantha are officially "Fashionably Responsible" for putting on such a great event. The evening was a blur of eco-conscious tips and sustainable styles and Fashion Ethic was happy to be a part of it.

Thanks also to those of you who came by with well wishes. We shut the place down, there were so many people to talk to! And to the fabulous models who helped showcase spring dresses and jewelry from Fashion Ethic - thanks again! You guys rock!

If you are looking for one of the dresses that made its way around the Shop last night, all but one are available online right now! From Left-Right: The Ryann hemp/silk tunic and safari-inspired jewelry will be online next week; the red asymmetrical organic cotton dress from Naturevsfuture is HERE; the silk floral print EDUN dress is HERE, and the grecian-pleated mini from Sublet can be found HERE,

More photos to follow soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day with Ryann in NYC

This just in from our friends over at Ryann Apparel - a few events to check out if you happen to find yourself in NYC this month...

On April 22nd Ryann celebrates Earth Day at Clay from 5-9pm (25 W. 14th street) with a trunk show featuring the Spring line and Ryann's luxuriously soft line of basics. Attendees will receive a free week pass to Clay, beauty samples from Sonya Dakar, healthy snacks from Natural Nectars and home care products from Lark. (And you thought you wouldn't be getting anything on Earth Day)

Next month, Saturday May 3rd, Ryann will be participating in a fashion show fundraiser for Lyndhurst Historical Preservation. There will be green products to sample, live music and more. Event: 7:30pm 635 South Broadway, Tarrytown, New York Call 914.631.4481 ext 43222 or 43226 for more information.

And if you can't make it out or live nowhere near NYC (like us, here at Fashion Ethic), celebrate by checking out Ryann's new Spring line ONLINE. Gorgeous bamboo/cotton blends are in stock now, and more Spring Ryann pieces are arriving this week!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shop Fashion Ethic at SPU Sample Sale

The lovely ladies of the SPU Fashion Group are putting on a Sample Sale next week and Fashion Ethic will be there with steals and deals on in-season merchandise! Come shop for EDUN tees, Sustainable Collective tops, spring dresses and more - all at major discounts. Thursday April 24th 11:00a - 5:00p On campus at the Student Union Building and open to the public. Click HERE for a map.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Bardot" Dress as Seen in Lucky!

The gorgeous "Bardot" dress from Sustainable Collective is arriving this week at Fashion Ethic. You saw it in Lucky Magazine last month (p. 237) and now it can be yours! The perfect color for Spring, this vibrant poppy dress has black trim, a classic silhouette, and was made of an organic hemp and cotton blend. Watch this space for the link when it arrives, and nab your Bardot asap, because sizes are limited.

Friday, April 11, 2008

How to Help Fight Hunger

If you've been catching the (somewhat hidden) snippets of news coming out of Haiti, you've heard about the dire situation there. Food prices are climbing, as they have around the world, leading to unrest in the streets and many people forced to eat "dirt cookies" - cooked batter made of butter, water, salt and dirt. With 80% of the population living on less than $2 a day, few can afford to feed themselves with anything else.

I saw this on the news last week and instantly wondered - Who is helping Haiti? How can we do more? One of the best things you can do is talk about and tell others. Here are some resources where you can learn more and donate to help. Thanks again for being Fashionably Responsible!

LEARN about the crisis of rising food prices around the globe HERE

DONATE money to the UN World Food Programme HERE - where just $15 feeds 10 children for a week.

CLICK to donate at The Hunger Site - you click and sponsors donate $$ for every click HERE

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Celebrate Next Week's Launch with some Girl Power!!

Calling all Seattle Friends of Fashion Ethic! One week left to launch and we will be celebrating with our friends from Girl Power Hour as they "Go Green" Thursday, April 17th at the Sole Repair Shop on Capital Hill, a sustainable venue. Join us there for all the green glam you can handle!

In addition to the live trunk show featuring clothing from Fashion Ethic, we also have treats (lots!) in the gift bags (be there early - the first 50 girls get them) and fabulous door prizes! Please come and say 'hi!' You'll also get a fab green guide, groove to the sounds of Bamboo Beats, Seattle's first Green DJ, learn how to calculate your carbon footprint, see a hybrid mini car from the Green Car Company, and try organic cocktails, wine, and food. But hurry! RSVP is required by Girl Power Hour and you DO NOT want to miss it!

The Details: Thursday April 17th // 6:30-9:30pm // The Sole Repair Shop, 1001 E. Pike, Seattle // $10 at the door RSVP Required // CLICK HERE to RSVP right now!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Peligrosa Knits...Spring Eco Chic

Spring has sprung at Fashion Ethic and among the new arrivals are these two brilliant and eminently wearable tops from Peligrosa. Each is available in Charcoal (dark) Grey and Pumice (light) Grey, hand-dyed organic cotton using natural dyes for softness and minimal impact on the environment. Brilliant.

Ruffle-sleeve boatneck available here.

All-over Tuck Top available here.