Monday, July 21, 2008

Fake Karl's Guide to Life

So it may not have much to do with ethical fashion, but here at Fashion Ethic, we take the FASHION part just as seriously as the ETHIC. And any fashionista worth her LBD knows that Karl rules the roost.

We recently wrote about Karl Lagerfeld (head designer of Chanel, among his many other endeavors) and his role in promoting bicycle safety in France. Now we have stumbled upon a devious little blog called "Karl Lagerfeld's Guide to Life" at and we are loving just about every second of it - especially days like today when Karl's friend 'Anna Wintour' blogged about Jersey.

We'll let you discover this gem for yourself, but trust us - if you've got one eye on the catwalk and another eye on reality and practicality, this little satirical fashion site will be one you'll want in your can even get the T-shirt (right).

FakeKarl makes real fashion news seem tres demode.(Major props to for bringing this blog to our attention)

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