Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Week Without TV?

International Turn Off the TV Week starts Monday the 21st. Unfortunately, so does the new season of Gossip Girl. So unless you've got the TIVO prepped and ready to go, can we all agree that we'll start this "holiweek" off Tuesday?

If Madonna can do it every day, then certainly we can go six days without, right? Just think of all the power we'll save and the stuff we'll get done!

Here, some S-and-B-worthy fashion from Fashion Ethic, to get you through the week. Order today, and you'll have it before your TV goes back on! Shown: Organic Ruffle Boatneck from Peligrosa and bamboo/organic cotton blend Tunic from Sustainable Collective.
Update 5/10 - Tunic is now SOLD OUT.

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