Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get to Know EDUN co-founder Ali Hewson

EDUN is one of our favorite lines here at Fashion Ethic. From the gorgeous cuts to the unique details and high quality construction, the line is perfection. And when you know that the company has been founded on the idea of Respect - for customers, for the people making the clothing, and for the community - then you know you have found something really special.

The Ottowa Citizen recently ran a profile of Ali Hewson, who co-founded EDUN with CFDA-winner Rogan Gregory and her husband, U2's Bono. And we wanted to share it with you. What Ali has put together with EDUN and her preceding charitable work is an example for anyone who wants to do something that makes a difference...and a definite inspiration to us here. (OK, and there are some great comments about her first impressions of Bono.) Read the entire article HERE and shop EDUN at Fashion Ethic HERE.

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