Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Peligrosa Knits...Spring Eco Chic

Spring has sprung at Fashion Ethic and among the new arrivals are these two brilliant and eminently wearable tops from Peligrosa. Each is available in Charcoal (dark) Grey and Pumice (light) Grey, hand-dyed organic cotton using natural dyes for softness and minimal impact on the environment. Brilliant.

Ruffle-sleeve boatneck available here.

All-over Tuck Top available here.


peligrosa said...

i have to confess, i grab these 2 blouse tops from my closet every single weekend.

they have that perfect balance of sexy, cool, comfy - you know, those situations where:

a) you want get second glances from hubby,
b) but not lose integrity with the in laws,
c) and can keep smiling when your baby dumps the spaghetti.

unfortunately we completely sold out - so grab what you can from fashion ethic while it you can.

xxx nico (living in peligrosa)

Fashion Ethic said...

It's true!

So far the weather up in good old Seattle has only allowed me to flirt with the ruffle boatneck once, but it was an instant attraction.

can't wait until the weather warms up so I can wear it more often! You best get yours before I decide I each one in both colors ;)