Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Victoria Everman Interviews Peligrosa Knits' Adam Sidell and Nico Morrison

Victoria Everman is a Jane of all trades quickly on her way to becoming a green authority, thanks to her informative writing on blogs like Greenopia and her own eponymous blog, Most recently, she took some time to interview one of our favorite design duos, the husband and wife team behind Peligrosa Knits, Adam Sidell and Nico Morrison.

For some insight into what it takes to create a Fashionably Responsible line of hand-dyed, exquisitely produced organic and eco-friendly knitwear, check out this piece today. And check out Victoria's other Eco Fashion posts for info on more Fashion Ethic favorites like Prairie Underground and Emily Katz.

READ the interview and check the blog at HERE

SHOP the Peligrosa Knits line at Fashion Ethic HERE

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Victoria E said...

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to mention my interview - what a joy to have my work featured on FashionEthic! :O