Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sustainable KIDS Arrives at Fashion Ethic

Fashion Ethic is proud to announce the new addition of KIDS wear for boys and girls aged 5 and up. The first pieces to arrive are from Sustainable Kids, a joint label from Prophetik and Convoy Apparel (makers of customer-fave Sustainable Collective).

Not only are they cute as the dickens, but each piece is eco-friendly (using organic cotton or recycled fibers and low-impact dyes and/or manufacturing) AND raises money and awareness for the Hands and Feet Project, building an orphanage in Haiti. Each item from Sustainable Kids comes with a postage-paid, pre-addressed box (as shown) so that the child receiving the clothes may experience the joy of sending a small toy, toiletry, or book to another child in need. Plus, part of the proceeds from the sale of Sustainable Kids apparel is donated to the orphanage fund, so you can feel as good as your kids will!

The first arrivals, the reversible Johanne dress and the Variola jacket are available NOW and more items, including boys', are expected to arrive before school starts! To be alerted of new arrivals, please email us at customerservice@fashionethic.com

SHOP Sustainable Kids at Fashion Ethic NOW

LEARN more about the Hands and Feet Project, which is benefitted by purchase of Sustainable Kids clothing, click HERE

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