Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fashion Ethic Hearts Softlife at Etsy

From Daily Candy Seattle to Etsy, straight to our heart, we wanted to share the work of Softlife's Coco Howard, who can be found on Etsy. Her fantastical stuffed creations have individual personalities and many are made with recycled sweaters and whatnot, which makes her hip to the Fashionably Responsible tip.

We here at Fashion Ethic are partial to this "Cranky Cephalopod", maybe because her stripes match our tissue, or perhaps because she's described thusly:
"She is crabby, due to the crumby weather she is forced to put up with this summer in her home town, Seattle. Perhaps you can cheer her up... then again maybe not."

Hmmm...sounds like us some days. Perhaps she just needs a preview of the amazing eco-fashions we have coming in the next few weeks...enough to make anyone smile at a cloudy 60 degree August day! :)

CHECK OUT the Softlife Etsy Shop HERE

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