Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Ethic Valentine

It's that time of year when many stores start pushing plush toys, big boxes of 'chocolate', and synthetic, heart-decorated undies as the answer to what your lovely is wishing for this Valentine's Day.

But if it's the thought that counts, we're not sure we like what these items tell us! May we recommend some gifts that take your Valentine's well-being into account...without sacrificing style, of course!

Guys and Girls: The SIGG water bottle is Swiss-made, a lightweight aluminum with fully tested food-safe liner. By now we've all heard that a measly 30% of plastic water and pop bottles are recycled, but have you heard about the nasty pthalates - chemicals used to make plastics 'bendy' - that leach into your water and disrupt your (and your lovie's) endocrine system? Some in the scientific community are blaming these nasties for rising infertility rates and obesity rates among humans - adults AND kids. We say time and again how we are all for those life-changing products, and SIGG has been one around here! Show your honey you care with a fab bottle from Fashion Ethic.

For the Guys: And speaking of leaching...much of what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. So why buy a perfume with synthetic, possibly damaging ingredients? Tsi-La is not only all natural and organic, but has created a set of 4 mini roll-on scents so your Valentine can mix and match scents and you won't need to worry about picking just one to suit her! If she's not into scent, pamper her with a 100% cashmere sweater in shocking pink from Peligrosa Knits. It's hand-dyed with natural coloring, and it's on sale...what could be finer?

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