Friday, February 8, 2008

Carnegie Hall Fashion - Re!nvented

One of our favorite eco-chic designers, Ms. Nina Valenti of naturevsfuture, recently teamed up with TerraCycle to design a stunning concert gown made of...trash.

The dress was created of over 6,000 used and misprinted drink pouches and will make its public debut as world-renowned concert pianist Soyeon Lee makes her debut at Carnegie Hall February 19.

The evening's theme is "Re!nvented," featuring musical pieces that have been reused in some way, which inspired the pianist to wear a gown that would reinforce this theme.

TerraCycle; known for bottling their fertilizer in reused pop bottles; is now accepting used drink pouches like those used in Nina's dress, in an effort to help divert the four billion non-recycleable pouches that otherwise go to landfills in America each year.

Check out Nina's more day-to-day creations at Fashion Ethic - the recycled fleece dress or jacket, organic wool tunic, or the contrast sweaterjacket - all are work appropriate...if your job doesn't happen to demand an appearance at Carnegie Hall ;)

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