Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Review is in: Leanne Marshall Project Runway Collection

Now that the complete Leanne Marshall Project Runway collection has been made available on Bluefly, we can share more specifics on the manufacturing and textile composition. Happily, the line has been manufactured in the USA, which is a huge plus.

However, the tencel/rayon blends with silk lining are Dry Clean only and not as eco-friendly as a bamboo/organic cotton blend, which many lines (including Sublet and Ryann) use successfully for a beautiful drape. As for the pieces, other than the gorgeous (and not-realy-eco) blue gown we showed you yesterday, the standout of the bunch would have to be the 100% bamboo jacket (above). It is machine wash and styled to be worn in different ways, but we really wish it was done in a bold color in addition to basic khaki.

Check out another review and see what the fabulous Green Grechen had to say about the Leanne Marshall line. Her honesty is always refreshing.

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Grechen said...

i'm pleased that the line is made in the US, but really, i think that designers who endeavor to be more eco-friendly should avoid dry-clean only fabrics. eco-friendly dry cleaning is not readily available everywhere, so most people will take it to a conventional cleaner anyway. i totally avoid dry-clean only items unless they're 100% cotton - those i handwash in cold water with baby shampoo...