Friday, September 26, 2008

Our New Favorite Bloggers: Bono and Jeffrey Sachs

I would be remiss if I did not direct you to the great Millenium Development Goals Conference blogs over at (Financial Times of London).

Economist Jeffrey Sachs and our man Bono are blogging about the meetings, the speeches, and all they are experiencing during this very important week-long conference in NYC.

Because the UN Millenium Goals and the two-man team of Sachs and Bono were a very early inspiration to the founding of Fashion Ethic, I feel it is quite important to mention their ongoing commitment to the goals and the conference. The blogs at are fantastic quick hits on where world leaders stand as well as reminders of the 8 MDGs:

1. End Poverty and Hunger
2. Universal Education
3. Gender Equality
4. Child Health
5. Maternal Health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS
7. Environmental Sustainability
8. Global Partnership

What can you do to help support the MDGs? Follow the conference, get to know who is involved and what they are promising (the blogs are easy ways to follow along and include fun info about Carla Bruni too :) ), and check out the following sources:

CLICK to get some background on Millenium Goals directly from the UN HERE

FOLLOW the conference with Bono and Jeffrey Sachs at HERE

SUPPORT the Millenium Promise HERE

READ Jeff Sachs' The End of Poverty and Bono's On The Move

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