Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celebrate World Water Day March 22nd

Headed out to eat this weekend? Today through Saturday you can add a dollar to your bill at participating restaurants and help support clean water initiatives around the world as the Tap Project celebrates UN's World Water Day on the 22nd.

Clean fresh water is easy to take for granted here in the US, but in other parts of the world people, usually children, must walk miles to find a water source - one that may not always be safe. According to UNICEF, nearly 6,000 children a day actually die from thirst or a water-related disease. It is up to all of us to talk about it and help make the change.

Click HERE to locate a restaurant near you, or HERE to donate to the Tap Project, or learn more about water access around the world.

Ready to Learn More?

African Well Fund collects money to build wells in locations in Africa and has a current drive underway that collects money in celebration of Bono's birthday May 10th (he of U2 and humanitarian fame, aka husband of EDUN's Ali Hewson)

PlayPumps installs really cool pumps in villages that double as playground equipment. They also have a great water education portion of their site for parents, teachers, kids...anyone!

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