Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Green Elephant in the Room at Banana

Oh, I know most retailers wouldn't talk up another shop to their customers, but our philosophy at Fashion Ethic is that eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion is the industry's destiny. So we're more than happy to let you know when other stores (especially big chains) start adding ethical fashion.

The latest to add a "green" line is Banana Republic, which is launching a 50-piece eco-friendly collection on April 8. According to Womens Wear Daily, the collection will use sustainable bamboo fabric and organic cotton, identifiable by the green elephant icon on the tag (in honor of Banana's Safari, Jeep-in-the-store roots, perhaps?).

PLUS, among other ongoing "greening initiatives," Banana Republic will donate 1% of all in-store sales (up to $100,000) to Trust for Public Lands from April 22 to 27.

No word on where the clothing is manufactured, but kudos to Banana Republic for taking these steps in the right direction! And kudos to those conscious shoppers out there who are demanding better choices in fashion. Soon ethical fashion will be the rule, rather than the exception.

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