Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy "Fashionably Responsible" Birthday!

Today is the 7th birthday of the youngest Fashion Ethic fan...Candice's daughter Emerson. To celebrate, we decided to highlight the best in ethical kids' wear and treats today.

First let us say that it is extremely difficult to locate eco-friendly and socially-conscious lines in KID sizes (6 and up). Likewise with toys for school-age kids. We know because we've been looking for the best to carry here at Fashion Ethic. Here are some that stretch their sizes/appeal to at least age 8 and we hope will extend size to big kids - because really, at what age does it become okay to have pesticides on your clothes?

Kate Quinn Organics is a line out of Seattle with tremendous style and liberal use of organic cottons. Shapes are simple, but somehow different and the colors reach beyond the typical organic pallette of beige, grey, and off-white - you'll find peacock, pomegranate, and sunshine too! Sizes from 0-3m to 8y in a few styles.

The selection from Fig Kids runs to more basics with cute animal silhouette prints. Emerson adores the teal hoodie with sparrows. Fig is from the designers who brought you Twice Shy and made of certified organic cotton. Sizes from newborn to 8y. (Tip - on this website, try clicking twice if things aren't opening for you.)

Sweets and kids go hand in hand. We've got the organic lollipops and candies from Yummy Earth on our scouting list for products to bring to Fashion Ethic soon. With no artifical flavors, chemical colors, or high fructose corn syrup and awesome flavors like grapefruit and blood orange, how can you say no to these sweet treats? And here's a new one - the company was founded by two dads. Does that make 'dadpreneur' the new 'mompreneur'?

A great toy shop near us, Planet Happy Toys, also has a website offering toys that meet a "higher standard," of sustainability, similar to what we do for apparel here at Fashion Ethic. You can shop by age, find out where toys are made, and shop with confidence, knowing that the toys are safe.

Another fantastic online toy shop is Magellans Toy Shop, bringing you "Learning and Fun from Around the World". Raising socially-conscious kids means introducing them to other cultures and languages, which is simple to do at Magellan's, with their selection of toys, books, and games in languages from Spanish and French to Greek and Russian. At Fashion Ethic, we're sort of partial to the "What the World Wears" placemat. Emerson also approves.

We are looking forward to seeing the Bindi International kidswear line from Bindi Irwin next month when we go "buying". Until then, if you have favorite organic, recycled, or otherwise sustainable and Fashionably Responsible KIDS' clothing lines, send them our way! And Happy 7th Emerson!

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