Monday, January 28, 2008

Get Your Cozy On

Even though Spring arrivals start next week, we're reminded that in most parts of the country it is still mid-winter. In fact, it snowed here today and the biting-cold January weather makes us want to cozy up in this adorable coat from Peligrosa Knits or the organic wool sweater from naturevsfuture.

The gorgeous blue coat from Peligrosa is tailored, yet the boiled wool stretches with you, so you feel like you're wearing a sweater...even though you look like a million bucks. And isn't that exactly what you need when you're trying to look cool but keep warm?

This naturevsfuture contrast sweater is one of our best sellers at Fashion Ethic. Everyone who tries it on LOVES it! Speaking of looking like a million bucks, this little miracle worker is sleek and instantly slimming, thanks to the genius styling of designer Nina Valenti. The sleeves are cut extra long, with a 'thumbhole' for keeping your wrists warm, and the collar can be worn up or down, depending on the wind chill factor.
Did we mention they both happen to be marked-down as part of Fashion Ethic's In Season Sale? Non? Well, what are you waiting for?! Quantites and sizes are limited!

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