Tuesday, May 11, 2010

InSpa Creates a 'Fashionably Responsible' Pedicure

Last week, I was lucky enough to test out a new water-efficient pedicure that will soon be offered at InSpa, a chain of day spas in Washington and California.

Today, about 8 gallons of water are used for the service and sanitation of each traditional 'tub-soak' pedicure. InSpa figures that this adds up to about 2,200 gallons of water a day across their eleven stores, not to mention the fact that chemicals must be used to sanitize tubs after each service. Can you imagine how much water all the spas in America are using each day?

InSpa prides themselves on being innovative and eco-minded, so while looking to reduce their ecological footprint, they started working on a new pedicure that not only eliminates a large consumption of water, but also reduces the risks associated with water-borne bacteria.

So how do they do it? Gone is the huge tub of water for soaking. The new treatment uses steamed towels to wrap your feet and soften the skin. The result is something akin to the hot towel on a first-class flight or a nice blanket straight from the dryer, except your feet are the ones bundled and kept nice and warm, while the steam does it's job. The foot rub and massage are relaxing and indulgent, and the polish at the end is the icing on the cake. I really did prefer the towel method to the traditional foot soak - it seems much cleaner and actually more comfortable since you aren't getting wet.

Kudos to InSpa for this "Fashionably Responsible" update to a traditional service. We hope other spas and nail salons will follow your example and help save one of earth's most precious resources...while still providing a stylish fix.

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