Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 09: Climate Change

Today marks Blog Action Day 2009, when blogs around the world highlight an important global topic. This year the focus is Climate Change. If you're a regular reader or shopper at Fashion Ethic, then you know the skinny: Experts believe that the human impact on the planet earth extends to the increase in global warming, and not in a good way.

Now is the time for us to act and innovate before we travel too far down the path of no return.

So what can one person do? Beyond reduce, reuse, recycle, today is the day to get VOCAL. The most vital thing you can do right now is TELL someone about climate change, not least of which includes asking the US Government to address the issue. The Blog Action Day website has an easy click-and-sign page that then allows you to spread the word to your Facebook and Twitter friends.

Problem-solving is best achieved through dialogue and dialogue can't happen when you don't speak up! So tell a friend, tell a colleague, or tell a family member that climate change is an important issue.

TAKE Action and Sign the Petition to ask President Obama to put the US at the forefront of climate change leadership in Copenhagen this December.

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