Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fashionably Responsible Profile: Neenah Funk

Meet Seattle Pacific University fashion design student, Neenah Funk. Her recent entry in the fashion program's annual fashion show caught our eye as a strong commentary on the fashion industry and the need for "Fashionably Responsible" fashion reporting.

The SPU Fashion Show, "The Light Unveiled," included pieces that were inspired by different decades and their characteristic social movements. Fellow SPU student and show producer, Carly Holtzinger, asked Neenah to create a garment for the 2000 decade segment, which inspired her to focus on technological advancements in media and their effect on women's body image. Neenah says these "digitally perfected, unnatural images" are now the norm for what women aspire to, and her dress "speaks to the distorted body image many women in the 21st century have because of this dark, dangerous, veil of technological distortion the media puts over their eyes."

Designing the fabric from scratch, Neenah used actual magazine covers, printing them onto transfer paper and then arranging them in a collage on a white cotton poplin. The collage symobolizes "the confusion the magazine covers create in womens' confidence" while the chain represents the pressure women feel to stay rail thin and the tulle ribbon veil emphasizes the effect of trusting in distorted images.

Neenah just finished her Sophomore year at SPU and is already shaping up to be a force in creating a more responsible fashion industry. Keep an eye on this rising star!

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