Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Spotlight: The BAGGU Bag

One of our very best sellers at Fashion Ethic is the amazing BAGGU reusable shopping bag. Not only is one of the most affordable reusable shopping bags on the market, it also embodies our motto, "Fashionably Responsible" since it is eco-functional and stylish at the same time.

Each BAGGU holds 2-3 disposable plastic bags worth of product, but is small enough to fold into its own 5" x 5" pouch. They make fantastic stocking stuffers and gifts for everyone on your list (yes, even guys need bags!). We dare you to find another gift under $10 that will be used for years to come!

Countless Uses! Use them at the grocery store to reduce the use of plastic or paper bags, sure. But how about carrying an extra BAGGU in your glovebox, handbag, or even your suitcase for those times when you find yourself with a lot to carry. Or use them for laundry or dirty shoes at the gym. And as you can see above, they make excellent reusable gift wrap as you green up your gift giving throughout the year.

Eco-Friendly. Made of durable and lightweight ripstop nylon, the BAGGU was designed by a mother-daughter team with the environment in mind. The BAGGU pattern reduces material waste, as the pouch is made from scrap fabric. Because Baggu is so lightweight, its carbon footprint in traveling to you is small. In the end it is you who makes Baggu green, every time you use it instead of paper or plastic.

So Stylish. BAGGUs are available in several vibrant colors, as well as stripes and basic black, and they won't compete with your style. So forget about those unattractive prints or crazy patterns you see out there and go with the sleek and chic BAGGU.

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