Friday, October 10, 2008

No Room for Panic in a Fashionably Responsible Life

It's no secret that the past four weeks or so have been pretty scary here in the US, and even around the world, as far as our economy goes. At Fashion Ethic, we've been watching as consumers batten down the hatches and get ready for the storm. Frankly, we're battening a few hatches ourselves, as any good business is now doing.

But we're here to shed a little optimism in case you're bogged down by the doom-and-gloom-speak. The good news about a recession is that it is part of the cycle that IS economics. And while this may not turn out like the "normal" recessions we are familiar with, there is certainly hope to be had. Because any time we all stop spending, spending, spending, we are all able to slow down and make conscious decisions about the things we DO buy.

Conscious consuming in turn leads to better choices in products that are offered. Continue to you use your dollars to vote for what you believe in, and the companies that are making the right choices and have a vision for a better future will continue to grow. Those that may be acting in unethical or irresponsible ways - whether towards the environment, workers, or even your health and well-being - will be the ones to fall by the wayside.

So the choice is yours, readers. The next few years will be an era where we can really impact change - as long as we don't kowtow to the fear tactics that are causing panic and turmoil throughout our country.

At Fashion Ethic, we choose to support independent designers who make "Fashionably Responsible" choices in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of their product in order to bring our customers high quality, ethical, and stylish clothing that will last. The vast majority of what we bring you is also designed and made here in the USA, and every item has been created by workers being paid fair wages and treated fairly. Clothing that may be organic or sustainable, but is also focused on style, fit, and wardrobe building.

Over the next few weeks we'll be adding some new Style features to the site, specifically focused on wardrobing and how living a Fashionably Responsible life can be as simple and as cost-effective as...well, not. Please, join the mailing list or add the Fashion Ethic Blog to your reader and keep tabs on us. We have exciting things planned in the coming months and are ready to connect you with fantastic designers and must-have sustainable apparel and ideas you won't want to miss.

But most of all, we ask that you spread the word about the opportunity before us. Sustainable living is at hand for all!


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