Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fashion Ethic Celebrates World AIDS Day

Today, December 1st, is World AIDS Day. FashionEthic.com is nearly two years old. But this company was an idea many months in the works, with inspiration pushing from all sorts of amazing places.

Not least of which was the US launch of Product (RED) and JoinRed.com. The campaign was geared toward kick-starting corporate donations to The Global Fund, which provides vaccines and treatments for preventable and treatable diseases including AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Product (RED) allows consumers to know they are supporting companies that are giving to a cause they believe in, while still being able to purchase products that meet their needs.

The idea that conscious consumers would seek out companies making responsible choices, combined with my love for fashion, wardrobe styling, and sustainability led to the founding of Fashion Ethic, built on the idea of connecting customers with companies making "Fashionably Responsible" choices.

Fashion Ethic has come far. But today I am more impressed with how far World AIDS Day and the (RED) Campaign have come in educating people around the world on the challenges faced - and overcome - in some of the nations hardest hit by the AIDS crisis.

Back before Fashion Ethic, I used to mark this day by sending a mass email to everyone I knew, including some dire stats and stories and making the plea for donations to The Global Fund. Today, I will be able to make RED posts on Twitter, speaking to thousands in one moment. I can pass along the short, but effective messages coming from supporting organizations like ONE. I will share the amazing video on Fashion Ethic's YouTube channel and here that shows HOPE and SUCCESS.

Gone are the days of dire predictions - now we can see results and even huge wins in the fight agains AIDS. What better message could you share in this holiday season?


SHOP eco and ethical fashion at Fashion Ethic, where we'll donate $5 for each order to The Global Fund

USE MyGlobalFund.org to track communication and stay current on the achievements in the fight against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis

SHARE the (RED) Video on Facebook and show your support by changing your avatar today

TWEET on Twitter using hashtag #RED to turn your World AIDS Day-related tweets Red

WATCH the "Lazarus Effect" video from (RED) on YouTube

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